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VR Virtual Reality FAQ for Naughty America Sites


Which Headsets work with Naughty America VR?

Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear(my choice) and other Smartphone Headsets.

I have an android phone, the Samsung Galaxy 6 and I love the Samsung Gear for VR playback. Works very well.


Is it wasy to use?

Hell yes.  You download the software, pop your phone into the set and away you go. The content is also easy to access on and put on your device for your viewing pleasure.


Is VR good?

Yes, itís pretty darn cool.  When the actress gets in your face or puts a boob out there for you to nibble on, you will get a fuzzy feeling lol Itís worth the price.


I give it a thumbs up ;) If you need anything else, Naughty America has a great VR help section on their site as well.

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